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Tile Classic
Andesite Classic
A durable material that is used for any type of facing work. Andesite tile has a gray color with different shades, heat-resistant, frost-and moisture-proof, environmentally friendly. Decorate and emphasize any interior, both inside the room and externally.
Ginger sandstone Classic
Sandstone stands out among the rich variety of natural stones. Its use gives the ancient historic buildings its own unique style and pious appearance. The building, lined with sandstone, stands out among other buildings. In the interior of the room, decorated with sandstone gives it a pronounced charm and is easily combined with different styles of interiorу.
Dolomite Classic
The dolomite tile is a high-quality and versatile facing material that has a number of advantages: strength and frost resistance, as well as minimal absorption of moisture. The dolomite tile has a corrugated structure and a calm color, resulting in a harmoniously combined with various elements of decoration.
Slate Classic
Slate - an incredibly versatile construction stone, which equally well suited for the manufacture of wall and floor coverings, roofs, as well as external paving. Ecology, economy, natural beauty and shine, as well as durability are the hallmark of slate.
Yellow sandstone Classic
The use of tiles from sandstone in building and finishing works is very widespread, because it has strength and durability at a low price. In addition, a wide range of colors and shades combined with natural patterns and patterns makes it one of the most sought after design materials. Using a sandstone tile when treating the walls of the room, the interior acquires the nobility, harmony and elegance
Red sandstone Classic
Sandstone tile is one of the most durable materials used for wall and floor coverings. It can last for an extremely long time, with proper care. After it is sealed with technology and seams sealed with sealant, the tile becomes impermeable to water. A good choice for allergies, because the sandstone is resistant to bacteria and allergens. Sandstones are delighted with their texture and classical elegance in any home.
Tile Castle
Yellow sandstone Castle
The edges of natural stone tiles are hand-crafted, which gives such a product the appearance of a torn stone. Similar torn facades made of natural stone square shapes are very often used in the Renaissance and Baroque architecture and give many buildings of that era its uniqueness.
Zeolite TUF Castle
The greenish-turquoise color of the tile from zeolite gives unordinary and dissimilarity on the background of the vast majority of facing materials of natural stone. Hand-chip along the edges highlights the shape and makes it more brilliant.
Tile Civil
Zeolite Civil
Noble jade shade, textured chip on the edges and a polished surface will convey the generosity of generations in design using this tile.
Bright sandstone Civil
Tile Antique

Zeolite Antique
Unusual color of tiles made of natural stone makes your interior original. Unique and stylish looking tiles, decorating your interior outside and inside the room
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