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About the company

"Podillya stone" history of the foundation
The founder: Svistun Andrey Vladimirovich.

In May 2007, Sajid Kumar met with Indian marble, the deal was not implemented. Then it was a good idea to occupy the Ukrainian stone. The first deliveries of stone were from the Luhansk region.

The beginning of all was the lease of an office in 30m2 and open warehouse in 100m2, there were no hired employees.

2008 was already a year studying the needs of customers and working with them. In June, the first employee was hired. In the assortment there were four types of Luhansk stone and two types of Ternopil.

2009 was a year of active work with the city's designers and craftsmen. Increase warehouse to 250m2. There was an increase in the range - 5 types of Lugansk and Terenopolskiy and cut products from it, flat pebbles, silicate bricks, types of crumbs.

2010 is the beginning of the existence of the name "Podillya stone".

2011 - Development of production. Detailed processing on tile, tile with rust, consolidation of production. The assortment was added slate, dolomite, quartzite, a wide range of andesite. An average of 10 people worked.

2012 became the year of standardization of products, which is still valid today. The first website was created

2013 - Beginning of the processing of sandstone slabs, granite. Increase open warehouse to 3000m2, and production premises up to 200m2. Create a wholesale sales department. The opening of the Kamyanets-Podilsky branch.

2015 - at the opening of the instrument shop for the repair and development, manufacturing of new equipment.

2016 - moving to a new address Vinnitsa highway 2/2 with a new open storage of 7000m2 and the construction of a modern shop

I decided to write the story of the company in order to show the way of achieving the goal, namely, "to build my own castle". This is not just a dream that has turned into a specific goal, it is the desire to create national values and traditions in the hearts of Ukrainians, and remind them that they have as much thirst as necessary to build a happy future.

The basis for the development vector of the company is the preservation and development of the traditions of stone processing, which is remarkable and demonstrates its reliability, strength and environmental friendliness. Nature has created various rocks of stone and our professionals skillfully process them, so that our customers choose their own and build their own lives.

We would like to express our gratitude to all those who are actively taking and participating in the creation of our history.