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Landscaping stone

Ai-Petri "Coral"
Vendor code 0508
556 $\ton
Landscape Stone "Ai-Petri" has a natural light color and a very interesting, bizarre curved shape.
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Ai-Petri "Podilsky"
Vendor code 1386
112 $\ton
Ai-Petri Podolsky's landscape stone is distinguished by a porous form with rich vegetation. This stone is appreciated by aquarists, because of the possibility to dilute it with the necessary microflora, and a pleasant aesthetic look.
petrified wood landscape stone landscape petrified wood landshaft petrified wood elite landscaping stone bright landscape stone bright petrified wood petrified wood wholesale
Petrified wood
Vendor code 0106
223 $\ton
The petrified wood is ideally suited for landscape design, the color scheme of a stone - white, ivory, light gray, maybe an incandescent red color.
landscape anhidryte Anhidryte boulder Anhidryte stone wholesale landscape stone anhidryte Landscape anhydryte wholesale
Landscape anhidryte
Vendor code 0465
186 $\ton
It looks very beautiful when decorating rockeries, or alpine slides. The rules and principles of garden-park design allow you to apply this stone in many ways
Marble boulder Landscape marble Peach landscape stone Marble peach landscape stone
Marble "Peach" boulder
Vendor code 2860
223 $\ton
Marble boulders will become a unique and rich decoration for the garden and the adjoining area. A noble color, combined with a wild stone chip, creates a truly noble atmosphere.
Ландшафтный камень Ландшафтный доломит Ландшафтный валун
75 $\ton
Dolomite landscape stone will be a great addition to the landscape designs in Japanese and mountainous style, through its light green tint
landscape boulder transcarpatian boulder decorative boulder
Transcarpathian boulder
Vendor code 3167
186 $\ton
Rock: A mixture of sedimentary and igneous rocks.
Application: Gabion, landscape design, coastal reinforcement.

Washed, naturally rolled up
This is a very weather resistant material. Rain, frost and sun do not spoil its natural color and texture, it serves a very long time. The strength and colorfulness of colors allows you to use it for a very wide range of works, both for design and for construction. From this stone there are wonderful reservoirs, rock formations and rockeries.
Boulder Landscape rock garden boulder Landscaping Stone Stone for rockery
Decorative boulder
Vendor code 0020
75 $\ton
We recommend using a landscape boulder for mountain-style designs. It has a smooth surface and a dark gray hue that's great for rock garden.
volcanic boulder gabioni stone red landscape stone volcanic stone decorative boulder
Volcanic boulder
Vendor code 1227
223 $\ton
Rock: Frozen lava
Application: Gabioni, landscape design, coastal reinforcement.

The volcanic stone perfectly transmits the color of the frozen lava, so it is great for decorating landscapes in alpine and Japanese styles. Also, this stone is a material for strengthening the shores of decorative reservoirs.
Landscape travertin Travertin boulder decorative boulder
Landscape travertin
Vendor code 1384
112 $\ton
Among the main features of travertine you can distinguish durability and plasticity. Due to the special natural composition of travertine has excellent antiseptic properties, so it does not "come to life" harmful microorganisms and fungus. As a rule, in the natural environment, travertine is formed with a light color: the stone is presented in a full palette of beige and white colors, yellow and light yellow or light gray shades.
landscape quartzite quartzite boulder decorative quartzite boulder
Landscape quartzite
Vendor code 0106
186 $\ton
This stone has a deep purple color, which will add a vivid and unusual originality of the garden or the area where it will be used.
landscape silicium decorative silicium silicium boulder boulder for pounds decorative silicium stone silicium stone wholesale silicium boulder wholesale decorative stone wholesale decorative boulder wholesale
Landscape silicium
Vendor code 1383
149 $\ton
Silicon is recommended to be used in artificial reservoirs with water. As an option, you can lay a bowl of water with inserts of silicon, you can simply scatter the bottom of small pebbles, which will also be effective and beautiful. When strikes it does not crumble.
decorative stone landscaping stone
Forest stone
Vendor code 0464
112 $\ton
This stone is mainly used for landscaping.
In the stone there are "cheesy" pores, soil, vegetation, moss.
Has a unique look in the landscape.
porfyte boulder decorative porfyte decorative stone landscape porfyte porfyte boulder wholesale decorative stone wholesale decorative boulder wholesale decorative stone wholesale decorative stone export
Landscape porfyte
Vendor code 0504
223 $\ton
This stone has a matt, porous surface and is characterized by its original color. The color of the stone is basically white and pink, with the intersperses of red and orange colors. The presence of such a stone adds to the landscape of bright and colorful paints. It looks original when decorating flowerbeds and flower beds, decorating the garden or the adjoining area. In addition, the porphyte differs by a fairly democratic price, which distinguishes it favorably against other landscaping products.
Reef wholesale Crimean reef
Crimean reef
Vendor code 0600
556 $\ton
Limestone reef for landscaping. The stone is similar to the shellfish, but with a deeper, porous structure.
Sea reef decorative reef
Sea reef
Vendor code 0070
260 $\ton
The Marine Fossil Reef will add exotic landscapes. It carries a pure marine microflora and is completely safe for installation in reservoirs with sea fish and large aquariums.
Slate boulder decorative slate transcarpatian slate decorative slate wholesale slate boulder wholesale landscaping slate wholesale
Transcarpathian Slate
Vendor code 1373
186 $\ton
Slate is a highly sought after material in landscape design, due to its environmental and versatility in use.
Strong and layered structure creates a unique and distinct surface texture. No compilation of landscape compositions can do without slate.
landscape zeolite decorative stone zeolite green decorative stone decorative zeolite wholesale decorative stone wholesale
Landscape zeolite
Vendor code 1511
260 $\ton
A deep nephrite shade of landscape zeolite will be the perfect addition to landscaped designs in Chinese and Japanese styles.
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